Meagan Block Garcia is a lifelong resident of San Antonio. She graduated from O.W. Holmes High School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, Summa cum Laude, from the University of the Incarnate Word. After earning her Bachelor’s degree and working at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, she attended the University of Notre Dame Law School. Meagan has experience in a variety of legal fields, which can help her assist clients in even the most complicated of scenarios.

Meagan is a former Family Violence Prosecutor working with victims on both criminal and civil issues. Due to her experience recommending interventions for family violence perpetrators and trying cases, Meagan Block Garica understands that clients may want to handle their personal situations in a wide variety of ways. Meagan can help clients come up with solutions that work in their particular situations, considering the many factors that can be at play. Meagan Block Garcia also has experience working with clients on civil issues, primarily Protective Order litigation. She has worked collaboratively with divorce attorneys during her practice as an Assistant District Attorney to assure positive outcomes for clients. Meagan Block Garcia worked with clients on tough cases many times involving children, family violence, or volatile situations.

Meagan has worked at the Bexar County Family Justice Center, and had the opportunity to work closely with Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, San Antonio Police Department, and the Department of Defense Advocacy, among others and gained an invaluable understanding of the workings of these agencies. In many cases, Meagan has found that a good working relationship with these agencies is crucial to presenting the facts of a case in court.

Meagan Block Garica is respected as a subject matter expert in the area of Protective Orders. She has served on the San Antonio Police Department Family Violence Committee and taught Detectives and Crisis Response Team members laws related to Protective Orders. She has been invited to return to update these specialized officers and detectives when laws changed regarding protective orders and family violence.

Meagan Block Garcia has also been featured as a speaker at a San Antonio Bar Association Family Law course for lawyers and judges, lecturing on the process for obtaining a protective order under the Family Code. Meagan was also featured as a speaker in 2010 at a Legal Education Course for lawyers and judges discussing many Family Code provisions that are affected by family violence and legislative updates. Meagan also presented on Protective Orders at the People’s Law School in 2010 at St. Mary’s University.

Meagan Block Garcia has worked with people in crisis, and trained others in techniques for assisting those in crisis including counseling, problem solving, conflict management, and information and referral. Meagan has also worked with mentally ill patients, their families and troubled youth. Through this experience, she has gained an understanding of the impact mental illness and trauma has on family dynamics, and the strain that can be put on these important relationships.

Meagan is a certified mediator and can assist you with the process to find a creative and lower cost solution.

Meagan enjoys working collaboratively with immigration and criminal attorneys to assure optimal outcomes for clients. She has undergone training in immigration law to identify issues and assist juveniles and adults with their family law cases as they intertwine with their immigration cases.