Immigration Law

Removal / Deportation Defense

Deportation proceedings can be one of the most stressful processes a person can go through. Whether you are a permanent resident or here in the United States without status, the Attorneys at Garcia & Block, PLLC have the experience to fight to keep you here in the United States. Don’t trust an attorney who is not familiar with the Immigration Court procedures. There are several forms of relief in Court that we can assist you with. Our Attorneys have assisted several clients in Immigration Court and have obtained successful results. Hire an attorney who will fight to win your case. Don’t hire an attorney who will simply assist you through the deportation process.

Family Based Immigration

Family unity is at the heart of the United States immigration laws.  United States citizens and permanent residents can petition to immigrate certain relatives to the United States.  The Attorneys at Garcia & Block, PLLC have the experience to assist you in immigrating your loved ones.  Whether you want to fix the status of a loved one already in the United States or whether you want to immigrate a loved one from abroad, Garcia & Block can help get the job done.  Our Attorneys have assisted several clients in gaining legal status here in the United States and have further assisted clients in becoming United States citizens.


There are several ways to gain United States citizenship. The Attorneys at Garcia & Block, PLLC can assist you in applying for citizenship.  We will properly analyze your case and make sure you file the correct application with the Immigration authorities. We have assisted several lawful permanent residents become citizens through naturalization. We have also helped clients obtain proof of their derivative citizenship and proof of citizenship acquired at birth abroad. Let our Attorneys guide you through the process, from the beginning all the way up to the interview with the Immigration officer, we will be by your side.

Dream “Deferred Action”

The United States government began granting deferred action to certain immigrants who arrived in the United States before they turned 16-years-old. To gain this benefit you must currently be enrolled in school or have already graduated high school (or GED).

VAWA / U Visa

Certain victims of crimes and domestic violence can qualify for Immigration benefits through VAWA or a U Visa. If you have been the victim of a crime or if you have been subjected to extreme cruelty, call the Attorneys at Garcia & Block, PLLC to see if you qualify for benefits.


The Attorneys at Garcia & Block, PLLC have successfully represented foreign nationals who feared persecution in their home country.  If you fear returning to your home country, schedule a consultation with an attorney now because there are strict time requirements for filing asylum claims in the United States.